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Christophe Larquemin

Namiki hunter

Christophe Larquemin is forty years, already has a rich professional experiences. After a degree in communication, he starts to work for Ralph Lauren and did an internship in the communication department of the Hotel Matignon. He discovers the pleasures of ceremonies and protocol and then captures a world of luxury and pomp. But it's within the Cassegrain house that his passion for luxury goods will clarify.
In 1998, he created the writing department that complements the high end of luxury stationery which was already existing.
In this dynamic team he starts to travel around the US "Pen Show" strong of a new clientele passionated by exceptional pens.

The charm of Namiki pens is predominant in the choice of his current job. Because they are not just writing instruments, but true piece of art and collectors' items. "You never really appropriates a Namiki pen, you become the slave of its beauty, a prisoner of its colors, a captive of its reflections ...," writes Christophe in his fine book The Four Seasons of Namiki (ed. Velvet, Rue Royale in Paris) which he wrote half "by hand" using a Namiki "Goldfish", one of his favorite motifs of the Japanese brand.

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