Parrot and Peach    
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In China, peach is known not only as a popular fruit, but also as the “hermit’s fruit”. And in ages past it was believed to purify, and promote perpetual youth and longevity. In Japan, peach is believed to have purifying powers as in China. Even today, on the 3rd of March each year, ceremonies are held to ask for the divine protection of the peach to ensure the health and wellbeing of baby girls. Birds are a good omen, thought to carry good fortune with them. From ancient times parrots have been used in kimono designs to symbolize good luck.
The plump, soft shape of peach and the vivid colours of the parrot’s wings give the pen a exuberant richness by using Taka Maki-e technique.

Delivery under 10 days

Technique : Taka Maki et Jimaki

Artist Masaru

Gold nib 18 cts

Mixed system of filling cartridge or convertor

Full size : 150 mm

Export price (except EEC) : 4,791.67 €

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