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To celebrate its 95th anniversary , Pilot has designed a new limited edition, the Nobori Ryu (Rising dragon).
The Nobori Ryu is a mythical creature that is deeply rooted in Japanese culture and tradition , the symbols of the dragon are always prominently in Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines , decorating bells and ceiling. This symbol represents impediments of life that must be overcome before attaining enlightenment.
Billowing in the maze of passion, the beautiful beast anime itself with an additional dimension and a great depth with a combination of Taka Maki-e and Togidashi Maki-e. The Nobori Ryu rises into the clouds and into the sky to symbolize "success in life" and encloses in its claws the "pearl of wisdom" .
In the Chinese mythology the pearl is revered as a symbol of truth and enlightenment. The fact that the dragon is the pearl in his possession is the ultimate achievement .

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99 pens have been produced on a pen body of the Emperor Vest type

Technique : togidashi maki-e, taka maki-e, Seirei-Nuri maki-e

Artist Seiki Chida

Gold nib 18 cts

Pump system

Full size : 172 mm

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