Kusu dama    
1550 €


The Yukari Collection transforms traditional scenes from nature into striking fantasies.
The Turtle, Swallow, Bamboo, Autumn Leaves, Grapevine, Sweet Flag & Moon and Flower Fence designs feature the beauty of Togidashi and Taka Maki-e in intricate raised relief form.
A must for fountain pen enthusiasts, designs come with 18 karat gold fine, medium and broad nibs with 18 karat gold clips. A traditional oriental wood gift box with bottled ink completes this striking presentation.

Delivery under 10 days

Technique : Taka maki-é, Togidashi maki-e


Gold nib 18 cts

Mixed system of filling cartridge or convertor

Full size : 140 mm

Export price (except EEC) : 1,291.67 €

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