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The Dragonfly is sometimes known as “Kachimushi” (literally “Victory Bugs”), and are believed to be a symbol of courage and daring. This comes from the story of when the ancient Emperor Yuryaku was leading his men into battle and a horsefly that was about to bite his arm was caught up and carried away by a passing dragonfly.
Depicted with the “Kachimushi” dragonfly on this limited edition fountain pen is a lotus plant. The lotus is said to have grown and blossomed from a single root that lay buried for two thousand years. When cut in slices, the stalk of the ancient plant is filled with holes with are said to symbolize an open pathway to the future, and so, like the dragonfly, it also is a motif that is thought to bring good fortune.

Brought together, the transient yet powerful life-force of the lotus, and the victorious “Kachimushi” dragonfly, symbolize “courage”, “hope” and “renewal.”
Only 150 limited edition pens have been produced worldwide. The base is the Yukari Royale, decorated with both Taka (Raised) Maki-e and Togidashi (Burnished) Maki-e techniques by master craftsman Masahiro. Taka Maki-e dragonfly hovers airily above the lotus on Raden (mother-of-pearl) wings, and the elegant flower itself is depicted in vivid colour. The scene is set with leaves and water expressed in Togidashi Maki-e, giving the whole a rich, evocative depth. In addition, the Taka Maki-e dragonfly motif on the neck adds a further special touch to this one of a kind fountain pen.

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150 pens have been produced on a pen body yukari royale

Technique : togidashi & taka maki-e, raden

Artist Masahiro

Gold nib 18 cts

Pump system

Full size : 150 mm

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