Chinkin Emperor Peony    
8700 €


Chinkin (gold inlay) is a technique in which a surface is coated with a roiro lacquer finish and designs are carved on the surface lacquer with a special carving chisel. Precious metal leaf and powder are then inlayed in the cut patterns. This style features a fine and delicate finish combined with powerful high-relief expression. The Chinkin technique yields great expression in subjects such as the texture of bird feathers and results in extremely realistic designs. Therefore, Chinkin is considered a leading Japanese traditional lacquer-ware technique.
Peony, symbolizing wealth and honor is considered as the queen of flowers, it's also represent love.

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Technique : Chinkin ultimate supreme technique


Gold nib 18 cts

Pump system

Full size : 172 mm

Export price (except EEC) : 7,250.00 €

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