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The butterfly, depicted on our prized limited edition Maki-e pen, elegantly flapping its wings towards flowers, is known as the Great Purple Emperor. The butterfly design is regarded as a symbol of regeneration and revival, an auspicious motif as the butterfly transforms itself from caterpillar to pupa to adult over its lifetime.
Together with the Japanese plum, bamboo and orchid, the chrysanthemum is one of the flowers that epitomizes shikunshi*, and is a symbol of autumn. Along with the cherry blossom, the chrysanthemum is widely popular as one of the national flowers of Japan.
This pen depict this elegant pattern through Taka Maki-e technique, displaying beautiful shiny plum-coloured wings and Raden technique.

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99 pens have been produced on a pen body of the Emperor

Technique : taka maki-e, raden

Artist Mishifumi

Gold nib 18 cts

Pump system

Full size : 172 mm

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