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Nobori Ryu 2014

  To celebrate its 95th anniversary , Pilot has designed a new limited edition, the Nobori Ryu (Rising dragon).
The Nobori Ryu is a mythical creature that is deeply rooted in Japanese culture and tradition , the symbols of the dragon are always prominently in Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines , decorating bells and ceiling. This symbol represents impediments of life that must be overcome before attainin ...

Kachimushi 2013

  The Dragonfly is sometimes known as “Kachimushi” (literally “Victory Bugs”), and are believed to be a symbol of courage and daring. This comes from the story of when the ancient Emperor Yuryaku was leading his men into battle and a horsefly that was about to bite his arm was caught up and carried away by a passing dragonfly.
Depicted with the “Kachimushi” dragonfly on this limited edition ...

Yabusame 2012

  Yabusame is the traditional Japanese art of horseback archery, wherein an archer, riding at full gallop, attempts to pierce three sequential targets with Kaburaya, whistling arrows.

Yabusame has existed as a form of horseback combat archery since the Heian period (AD 794 - 1185). Later, during the Kamakura period (AD1185-1332), its popularity spread further through performance and study as a ...

Golden rose 2011

  Beauty, distinctive petals, rich aromas and elegant flower shapes are the signatures of the ever-changing rose. The rose is often described as the symbol of love and beauty, and is one of the world’s most beloved flowers.

The Rose holds many stories. In Greek mythology, roses were offered to Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. Many Queens throughout history have loved and treasured the rose. E ...

Setsugekka 2010

  The Setsugekka is one of ancient Japan’s classic expressions and is a symbolic word for the natural beauty of seasonal features: snow in Winter, moon in Autumn and flowers in Spring. Ever since the Heian Period (8th-12th), the word has been the preferred expression for the elegance of Japan’s seasons.

This theme has been recognized and incorporated in Waka poems as a combination of the three seasonal sym ...

Polar bear 2009

  The “Polar Bear” is the world's largest terrestrial carnivore and is at the top of the ecosystem in the Arctic Circle. It is also known as the “White Bear”.
, the Polar Bear has a unique constitution which is suitable for living in the Arctic. Therefore, they are extremely susceptible to environmental degradation. So much so, that in 2006, the IUCN classified the Polar Bear as “Vuln ...

Butterfly and Chrysanthemum 2007

  The butterfly, depicted on our prized limited edition Maki-e pen, elegantly flapping its wings towards flowers, is known as the Great Purple Emperor. The butterfly design is regarded as a symbol of regeneration and revival, an auspicious motif as the butterfly transforms itself from caterpillar to pupa to adult over its lifetime.
Together with the Japanese plum, bamboo and orchid, the chrysanthemum ...


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